L to L Drill

The biggest power source in the golf swing comes through the wrists. The clubhead is released through a whipping like action only duplicated by the wrists. The wrists have to be relaxed to function best. Contrary to popular belief, body motion, weight shift, or arm swing come in a distance second to the wrists' potential power.

Here is a drill to help synchronize the wrists hinging and the body turning in the golf swing. Place two shafts just inside your ball-target-line but parallel to it. Next place a tee into the butt-end of a mid-iron. Begin making half swings with your arms only going from hip high to hip high (9 o'clock to 3 o'clock). As you swing back, hinge your wrists enough to get the tee to point at the shaft along the ground on the back swing and the other shaft on the through swing. This drill will also promote a proper swing plane and increase your distance.