Tick Tock Drill

The golf swing is a motion based on a bi-directional momentum. As the club swings back, along the way it develops some backwards momentum. Then, It pauses at the top of the backswing and redirects itself with some gradual forward momentum. A good player then collects this natural momentum and applies acceleration at the right time to produce optimal clubhead speed. Unfortunately, adding this applied acceleration at the wrong time can disrupt the natural momentum of the swing.

In order to understand this concept better picture a kid in a swing set being pushed along by a parent. The parent waits patiently for the kid to pass, and at exactly the right moment, the parent pushes the child with a gradual thrust to propel the child faster and further. What would happen if the parent’s timing was off? The child might be tossed around due to momentum being disrupted. The same principal exists in the golf swing, except we have a greater temptation to mess up the timing …the golf ball. The golf ball is responsible for many bad swings. It tempts up to hit at it, which in turn leads to uncontrollable motion.

(If I had only one tip I could give out to every player I taught, it would be this one).

Try This Drill



Swing to the top of your backswing and stop for exactly two seconds. During the pause try to get all of your body and club to stop together with no bouncing or wobbling of any of the parts. Next, Swing through to the finish and hold that position for exactly two seconds. Try to mirror each position, the top of the backswing and the finish should feel identical.

Finally, hit some shots but silently say, ‘tick’ to yourself on the top of the backswing (photo#1) and, ‘tock’ to yourself on the top of the finish (photo#2). Don’t say, ‘tock’ to yourself when you hit the ball! This is the key to this drill. Say, ‘tock’ at the very end of the finish. This takes the focus away from the ball. We want to find a consistent pace, not a jolt through the ball. Eventually you will be concentrating on the rhythm of the swing rather the hitting at the ball and consistent ball flight will result.