Impact Preset Drill

Impact is the moment of truth in the golf swing. It when the clubface makes contact with the golf ball. Most players have an incorrect conception of what impact looks like. I hear alot of amatuers say they think impact is identical to the set-up position. This absosutely the furthest from the truth. Mainly because the set-up is a static position and impact is made during motion. There is basically six points that define a good impact position:

1. The hips are about 45º open
2. The weight is on the lead foot (there is air under the trail foot)
3. The shoulders are 20º open and not quite caught up with the hips
4. The head is behind the ball
5. The lead wrist is flat and there is bend in the back wrist
6. The hands are ahead of the ball

Try This Drill




Make a swing but balk just before hitting the ball. Freeze the body and look for the six elements listed above. Next, keep the body in this position and swing the club back and through with just the arms and hands. Hit some shots with this drill. You should start to feel some better compression into the shot. Also, a lower and more penetration ball-flight will result.