Split Hands Drill

What causes a slice is an open clubface at impact. This is the only thing that causes a slice. The irony is, all golf clubs are inherently built to close down or turn over through the ball. Sounds contradictory, right? Why is it then that most golfers slice?

Try this simple experiment, hold a club by the shaft with both hands in front of you. Position the toe so it is facing up. Next, let the shaft roll out of your grasp. What happens? Of course it the clubface rolls over. Most the weight of the golf club is in the head and thus gravity moves it over. In fact the major reason for this not happening in the golf swing is we over exert force or tension. That is what keeps the club from rolling over naturally. It rolls over fine on its own, we have to do something to keep it from happening. Plus the club weighs in at about 14 ounces. It is easy to resist a 14 ounce golf club from doing what it was designed to do.

Try This Drill

Grip a club normal with your lead hand. Next, place your trail on the handle about 6 to 8 inches apart from your lead hand. This is called a split grip. Make some practice swing. Feel how easily the clubface rolls over on the through swing. Next, hit some golf shots. You should see some dramatic hooks due to the exaggerated grip. Also note that the forearms cross-over very quickly. This happens in all great players swing due to the natural weight and release of the clubhead.