Feet Together Drill

The golf swing is circular in nature. The club is traveling around the body due to centrifugal force. One thing we want to accomplish in our swing is to have the bottom of this circle make contact with the ball first. The center of the swing circle in the golf swing is about the center point of the chest cavity. This point needs to stay centered to control the bottom point of the circle. In addition, since the golf swing is like a circle and the club is orbiting around it, the body which is inside the circle must rotate back and through to accommodate for the movement of the club.

Try This Drill



Stand with your feet and knees touching with the ball directly in the center of your stance. Next, begin hitting shots and try not to loose your balance during the motion. You will notice that you cant go at it too hard otherwise you'll loose control and balance. Also, you will must be relaxed to do this drill properly. You will be surprised as far you hit the ball with this drill. Keeping your center from moving around encourages faster rotation which leads to greater clubhead speed.