Toe In Drill

The best way to correct a slice (an open clubface at impact) is to exaggerate a hook (a closed clubface at impact) through the ball. What literally has to happen to produce a hook is the toe of the clubface must come through the ball prior to the heel. This causes the ball to have a hook spin ( right to left ball-flight for right-handed players). Your goal as a slicer is to produce as many hooks as you can for awhile to counteract the old habit of the slice.

Try This Drill

Make a practice swing to the top of your backswing. Swing down in slow motion but balk before the ball with the toe leaning in way before the heel. To do this you will notice that your forearms must cross over dramatically. This crossing over is a flipping motion of your back arm. Your arms must be relaxed to flip the back arm over in this fashion. Do this drill several times before hitting a shot. Then, hit a shot but imagine the toe coming into the ball first before the heel. You probably wont get it all the way there on the first try, but I'll bet you'll hook more with this drill than you'll slice. This is the right path to full recovery.