45º Drill

There is alot of information out there in regards to what causes a slice. Being around the game and on the lesson tee for twenty plus years, I have heard my share of explanation. However, as far as the golf ball is concerned, the only thing that causes a slice is an open clubface. Let me explain further, the club is traveling in a certain direction when it gets to the ball. The clubface must be open to this direction to have a slice spin. If the clubface is square to that direction the ball will travel straight.

The problem is however, in order to permanently fix the slice you must first learn to hook the ball, or over exaggerate the opposite. We must learn to get the clubface closed to the direction the club is traveling on.

Try This Drill




Stand with your body at a 45º angle to the ball target line (photo#1). Next approach the ball so the clubface is aimed at the target (photo#2). Finally hit some shots and feel the clubface roll downward through the shot (photo #3). Note: pay attention that your takeaway still comes back on your regular line rather than inside where your feet is aiming. This drill exaggerates the closing of the clubface through the ball, and in no time you should be hitting some powerful hooks!