Pump Drill

In order to produce a powerful swing that truly compresses the golf ball, you must learn to incorporate a lever system by reserving some pressure in the first part of downswing then unloading it at the right time just past the ball.

The power in the golf swing is based on two elements: centrifugal force and momentum. The club head is whirling around our body and is exerting some outward pressure or centrifugal force. Also, the club head is reaching a maximum speed at a specified place and time, this is momentum. The key to power is to unload both centrifugal force and momentum just past the ball. We want the clubhead to goes fastest when it gets past the ball not when it reaches it. Picture a karate expert. All of his energy is focused past the wooden board he is about to break and so his arm is still expanding when it gets through. Likewise in the golf swing, we need to learn to store energy in our downswing and release it just past the ball to create the most powerful blow.

Try This Drill




Swing to the top of your backswing and stop. Note how close the club shaft is to your trail shoulder. This indicates a lever system. You can also see that there is a nice acute angle between your lead arm and the shaft (photo #1). Begin a slow motion half downswing by paying close attention that the shaft stays the same distance away from your trail shoulder. This is stored energy (photo#2). The clubhead is literally staying near the center of your swing and so centrifgal force has not unloaded yet. You may notice also that the only way to bring the club down and keep the shaft still close to the trail arm is by rotating your body. Continue Rotating down until the shaft is exactly parallel to the ground and pointing at the target. In this position you will notice that your hips are about 45 degrees open and your trail shoulder is much lower than your lead shoulder. Also, there is plenty of bend in your trail arm. This all indicates that you have stored energy in your downswing (photo#3).

This revolution down is considered a pump action in this drill. Next, repeat this pumping down action two or three times in real time but on the last rotation, time the swing to unload a loud whistle sound just past the ball. First start out with some dry runs at it without a ball. You should feel how the clubhead pulls your body outward on the through swing. This is true centrifugal force and displaced momentum working in your swing.