Posture - Good posture allows for balance in the golf swing. Posture is the base at which the club is swinging around. It is the framework of the swing. It is crucial that a good balanced posture be implemented into your pre-shot routine. Repetition is a key to consistency. There are five basic steps in creating good golf posture:

1. Weight is evenly distributed on the balls of the feet not too much towards the toes or the heels.

2. Bend from the waist, allowing the spine to remain relatively straight.

3. Forget about the cliche, "Keep your head down". This is absolutely a major death move in the golf swing. Trying to keep your head down will cause your spine to curve excessively making it almost impossible to make a good turn in to your backswing.

4. Slightly flex your knees. The knees should be flexed at a point so that if you plumb-bobb a club down from the shoulders it will fall over through the knee-cap and down over the center of your foot.

5. Let your arms hang naturally down. This will place the butt-end of the handle about a fist away from the body allowing you to easily and freely swing your arms back and through.

Posture Check - While looking in a mirror from the side view, assume your normal golf posture. Next take a clubshaft and plumb-bob down from the center of the shoulder. The shaft should run across the shoulder, in front of the knee cap and finally down pointing over the balls of the feet. If any of these points do not meet, there is a good chance you are out of balance and your posture needs to be adjusted.