Box to Box Drill

Tomorrow may be the exception, but every golfer I have ever taught want two things in their golf game - distance and accuracy. To date, I just havent had a student solicit my advise by saying, "Pro, I'm just hitting the ball too straight and too far, can you help?". It may sound like wishful thinking, but you can obtain both these elements simultaneously.

Distance is the result of clubhead speed. Clubhead speed is created by levers or angles in your golf swing. However, if you create too much angle, you risk having shots that will travel far without control. Conversely, swinging with no angles will result in short straight shots. One without the other is meaningless.



Blending clubhead speed with accuracy can be somewhat of a tricky proposition. Your need some angles in your swing for power, but these angles need to stay in check not to compromise overall accuracy.

Try this Drill

Without a club, place your lead hand underneath your trail elbow. Next, move to the top position in your swing and stop. Notice that your trail elbow forms a 'box' or right angle at the top (photo#1).

This is a perfect geometric position that optimizes distance and accuracy in your swing. Swing through to the finish switching arms positions in the process. You will see the same mirrored ‘box’ position in your lead arm on the through swing (photo#2).

This right angle combined with symmetry both back and through leads to distance and accuracy.