Helicopter Drill

Having the right grip pressure throughout the stroke is necessary for allowing the club to swing freely, swiftly and accurately. Often I'll see a player who will hold the club so tight that it has no chance of swinging through with much speed. Conversely holding the handle too loose will cause the club to swing out of control. So, there is a catch 22 here. Hold it too tight and we lose distance. Hold it too loose and we lose accuracy.

On a scale of one to ten fro grip pressure and 10 being as hard as you can hold it, you should hold it with about 3 to 4.

Optimal grip pressure is directly related to the weight of the golf club. SInce the golf club weighs in at about 15 ounces, how much pressure do you think you need to hold onto it? Not alot, but you do need to hold onto it...

Try this Drill

Here is a great way to maximize the right grip pressure in your swing. Hold a club in front of your body at arms length. Begin making a circular motion with the club without moving the arms. Start out with small circles graduating to large ones. Pay close attention that you do not let your hands come off the club during the motion (photo #1 and photo #2). At the same time, feel the freedom in the wrists to allow for some clubhead speed. Repeat this procedure in the opposite direction.

(photo #1)

(photo #2)