Trail Arm Locked Drill

The physics of a good golf swing emulates true pendulum motion. The club travels back and through by the same principal a child swings back and forth in a swing-set. Unfortunately the child in the swing set has the advantage. He is able to gradually build momentum starting out with a small swinging motion then slowly building to a larger one. Every swing back and forth the child glides with all the components in complete harmony. Each link of the chain in the swing-set is moving in tandem with one another. The child is moving together with the chain and so forth -- This is true connection.

In the golf swing we would like to achieve this same type of connection. However, we will be doing it from a dead stand still while looking at a golf ball. If we don't get off to the right start, we'll likely suffer the consequences. Whew! No, wonder this game is hard. We definately need some assistance in initiating the motion correctly.

Trail Arm Locked Drill

Here is a great drill to get things started out right in your swing. Assume your normal lead hand grip on the club. Next, set the back of your trail hand wrist underneath the lead hand elbow (photo#1). Begin your motion back by pulling on the lead arm with your trail hand (photo#2). Everything will move together like a chain reaction. Practice this drill several times before hitting shots and you will be on your way to forming a new habit that will instill consistency in your swing.

(photo #1)

(photo #2)