The Finish

Many students ask me - Why is it so important to finish? The golf ball is already in flight, so why should I worry about what I do thereafter? Although this is a good question, the answer is quite simple -- all great players go to a complete balance finish, so should you. There are many varying golf swings on tour, and everyone of them has good balance. Furthermore, great players can hold their finish because they are relaxed and in balance. They don't finish because they are trying, they finish because they have to. Why? Momentum.

Momentum happens when you are relaxed and the club is swinging effortlessly and fast to the very end. Eventhough this a a fairly easy concept to grasp, we hardly spend the time to work on it. A good relaxed balanced finish is the result of a good swing. It happens to be a lot easier to work on a relaxed balanced finished than the 500 other things we think we need to do in our swing.

Try This Drill

Set-up to a golf ball, but put the club in front of the ball. Without a backswing, take the club straight to the finish and hold it for several seconds. All your weight should be on your forward foot, with little to no pressure on your back toe. your belt buckle should be facing the target with the club shaft across your back and arms relaxed. Repeat this procedure often.