Our Philosophy

John Bertges

Most modern golf instructors understand individual swings. They can spot a swing error a mile away. By comparing your swing to top players on video, they can quickly see the trouble spots. So why then, with answers so readily available, are players still confused finding little improvement in their games?

Identifying the problem is not enough.

There are far too many gimics and quick-fix remedies available to golfers. How can you be sure which one is the right one just for you? At Bertges Golf Academy, after your initial consultation, we get through the diagnostics and spend most of the lesson time developing a new sucessful pattern. Repeatability is the path to consistency not experimentation.

Compare this to a doctor visit. You know you are sick. You get a prescription. But if you fail to take it at the amount and the intervals required, you’re not likely to get much better. Golf instruction is no different. Our experienced professionals will prescribe a treatment tailored just for you. Through video analysis and supervision, we will ensure you build the techniques into your practice routine that return lasting results. We will then assist and coach you in methodically following through these procedures with repetition and regular checkups.

Futhermore, the methods we apply are simple, easy, and based on proven effective principals. A new understanding of a complex swing model is not needed. All you need is a desire to improve and leave the rest to us.

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