Internet Video Lessons

This is a remarkable way for you to get a true professional golf lesson via the internet. Have your swing analyzed by our professional staff. We will re-record the video with voice-over and place it on our server where you can login privately to view it. We will also create a personal lesson plan for you on the web complete with drills, exercises and assignments. After you receive the video, you can download it back onto your hard-drive, burn cd's, show others, etc... It is a much easier process than you might think.

There are four simple steps: Camera Selection, Set-up, Capture, and Upload. That's it. Don't let this unique golf lesson experience pass you by. Cost is: $59.95 (to upload your video). Cost is: $69.95 (to mail it). Download the instructions below to get started.

John BertgesInternet Video Lessons Directions.

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