Video Analysis

Bertges Golf Academy offers state-of-the-art video analysis with the award winning V1 software. Using the V1 software, we can:

• compare a student's swing to 100's of different professional golf swings.
• use tools to analyze the swing plane, posture, set-up, downswing, etc...
• record voice-over and create a video lesson plan for the student.
• upload the video to a student's locker right here on our web-site.
• students can watch and download his/her video right onto their home computer.

After any video lesson, we enroll the student on our website where they can watch and download the internet video lesson right to their home pc. In addition, We provide a detailed lesson plan including assignments, drills and instructional videos for practice.

Visit the V1 website at:

Internet Video Lessons or / distance learning

At Bertges Golf Academy we offer Internet Video Lessons. This is a way for you to have a professional video lesson without leaving your home. Yes, we do house calls. Simply record your video, upload it to our web-portal or mail it to us. Our professional staff will re-record the video, add voice-over and send it back to you. (turn around time can be as quick as 2-4 hours!) Click here for more info. (Internet Video Lessons)