Golf Tips & Drills

We are always adding new tips and drills, many of which include video examples. Check back often to find new ways to improve your game. To view a tip, click the names in the right column below.


Proper Practice
Pre-shot Routine

The Basics

The Finish
Trail Arm Locked Drill
Table Top Drill
Feet Together Drill
Coil and Uncoil Drill

Swing Plane

Advanced Table Top Drill
Under and Up Drill
L to L Drill
Take Away Drill


45º Drill
Toe In Drill
Split Hands Drill
Step and Swing Drill
Ball Forward Drill


Impact Preset Drill


Grip Basics
Grip/Yardstick Drill
Ball Position
Penny in Lead Thumb

Strength and Flexibility

Helicopter Drill
Palms Skyward Drill
Pump Drill

Tempo and Timing

Box to Box Drill
Tick Tock Drill